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Our Fleet

We hire four types of bike

scott road bike.png

Road Bike

This is the fast option.
Designed to get you from start to finish in the quickest time.
Ideal for sportive events, fast group rides and long distance tarmac rides.
This bike is designed for fast speeds and has a low ride position,high gears and slim tyres.

scott gravel.png

Gravel Bike

This is the do-it-all option.

Designed for versatility and multi terrain riding.

Ideal for light touring, mid paced road riding and multi surface rides.

This bike is designed for flexibility and has a relaxed ride position, broad tyres and disc brakes.

scott hybrid.png


This is the comfort option.
Designed for multi purpose cycling.
Ideal for light touring, charity events and multi terrain journeys.
This bike is designed for sports recreation and has a leisurely ride position, broad range of gears and often a suspension fork.


Touring Bike

This the robust option.
Designed for long distance touring with luggage.
Ideal for Hebridean island hoping, the North West 500 or exploring the Trossachs National Park.
This bike has very low gearing, comfy saddle and racks to carry full luggage.

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